The nursery is solely dedicated to the propagation of Macadamia nut trees. Our facilities comprise of four mist houses, one of which is heated for cuttings, eight shaded growing houses, two potting houses with raised potting bays and a dedicated sand seed bed with a 35,000 seedling capacity. This results in an overall annual growing capacity of 300,000 trees.

Product Range

Rooted Cuttings - Skagen Specials: (Beaumont, A4, A16, Nelmac2, 741, 344, 788, 816)

Our rooted cuttings are cultivar specific (e.g. Beaumont, A4, A16) choosing only a cultivar that best suits your growing environment. Alternatively we can produce a rooted cutting cultivar (e.g. 816, 788, 344) that works in the environment in which you, the client, farms.

The plants are between 3 and 5 months of age and are grown in a soilless medium, perfect for transporting long distances. Each rooted cutting weighs in at an average of 150g and when transported in a carton of 54 plants they total at an average of 9kgs per carton.

We would advise that the plants get transplanted within two weeks of purchase, keeping them well irrigated upon arrival and under shade. We recommend 3lt or 5lt containers to be ideal for transplanting your purchased rooted cuttings. Planting directly into the field is not advised by us.

Standard 4lt Bags (All Rooted Cuttings)

Our standard 4lt bags are the ideal way to grow long term nursery crops such as macadamias, having the right space and depth for optimum root development we are proud to recommend these as quality trees.

Weighing in at an average of 4kgs per tree, our trees are around 9 – 15 months of age at which point they meet sales regulations. These plants are grown rooted cuttings and have three hardened off flushes at purchase. Plants have well developed root systems and are free of plant pests.

Due to strict control of plant pathogens the plants are of excellent quality and to the best of our abilities disease free.

Special Standard 6lt Bags (Grafted Seedlings)

These are trees 18-24 months of age with preferred cultivars grafted onto them. They weigh in at an average of 4kgs as sailable plants and have two hardened off flushes at purchase.

Being grown in 6lt bags for their period of time at the nursery is ideal to create a well-developed root system and in the end a world class quality tree. Grafting is done by trained staff and the utmost care is taken to insure the best graft unions.

Our special standard 6lt rootstocks can be ordered in advance to the selection of cultivars, this insures that in 12 months the latest and best cultivars can be selected for grafting. 4 months prior to grafting we will contact you and make sure you are positive on the cultivars selected.